Leadership roles

The Core Team—our small group leaders, worship leaders, and L1FTOFF Crew—is essential to L1FT. We meet most Sundays from mid-August until the end of April. Middle School meets from 3:00pm-5:00pm. High School meets from 6:00pm-8:00pm.


Worship leader

Worship Leaders will begin the night at L1FTOFF with praise & worship and prayer to get the teens excited and prepared for the evening. In addition to the L1FTOFF large group session, Worship Leaders will assist with the high school and middle school youth ministry and Confirmation large groups by leading more intimate praise & worship once we break up.


L1FTOFF Crew members are some of the first faces seen by the teens as they come together on Sunday night for L1FTOFF. These volunteers should be energetic and friendly and have a desire to serve. L1FTOFF Crew members will help create a welcoming space for our youth by greeting the teens and setting up and tearing down the food, sounds, lights, and other equipment.

Small group Leader

Small Group Leaders will foster relationships with a group of approximately 10 teens throughout the year from the Shift Conference until the final youth night. They should have a passion for our Catholic faith and should be able to support, encourage, and challenge the youth into a deeper relationship with Jesus by sharing how they have lived out their own faith.


all volunteers are expected to maintain an appropriate relationship with the youth at all times by following the Safe Environment guidelines set by the Diocese of Dallas.