The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Teaching

When I think about God and Heaven, there is A LOT I don’t understand. I consider myself pretty well-educated—plus, I do a lot of reading—and there is still so much I don’t know. But I’m in good company because there is a lot stuff even the Magisterium (the teaching body of the Church) doesn’t know. There are many things in the Catechism (the book of Catholic beliefs) that are ambiguous or are left “to the mercy of God” because we just don’t know… but it’s because it’s truly impossible for our human minds to grasp.

Jesus understood that we wouldn’t be able to comprehend the complexities of things like the Trinity, Heaven, and much more, which is why He spoke in parables. He made these teachings accessible—although not fully comprehensible. Parables are stories Jesus used as comparisons to help us understand.

If you were to describe the Resurrection or the Eucharist to someone, how would you explain it? If you were to describe Heaven, what would you say? Jesus has shared this mission to share with us. We have a responsibility to learn and understand as much as we can, and share the faith with others. You can’t teach what you don’t know.