The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Branches

When we bought our first house, I learned quickly learned that a house came with many other expenses. One of those expenses was a hedge trimmer. It was my first big power tool (gardening tool?), and I was pretty excited to trim the hedges. In case you didn’t know, anything that machine cuts off is dead for good. The branches aren’t going to magically spring up into a new plant because they are no longer connected to the root system.

When we sever our relationship with God, we’re a lot like those branches. We are no longer connected to the life systems of the main body of the plant, and we begin to slowly die apart from it. God is the source of all life, and apart from Him, we can do nothing. Apart from Him, there is no life. Unlike that plant though, we can be reconnected (or reconciled) to God, which is why we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

If you’ve disconnected yourself from Jesus, you’re slowly dying. Luckily for you, you just need to return to Him in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). Like the branches in the path of my hedge trimmer, without Him, you can do nothing.