The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Shepherd

Sheep are pretty dumb animals. Without a shepherd, they would be totally lost and in peril all the time. This is why his job is so important. The shepherd keeps them safe by keeping the herd together because there is strength in numbers. He also does this by tracking down the lost sheep so that they can be reunited with the rest of the herd. The sheep trust him, and they know his voice.

My wife is 29 weeks pregnant, and like a shepherd, our son will know both of our voices because we speak to him. He will know that he is safe when he is in his parents’ arms. This is our job as parents—to shepherd our children.

The Good Shepherd is Jesus. And whether you think you know it or not, we ALL know His voice—some people are distracted by all of the other voices and sounds, and some people just ignore it, but we all know it. It’s our responsibility to stay in His flock. It’s our responsibility to listen. And it’s our responsibility to ignore the distractions.

Without God—our Father—we are lost. Without God, we are vulnerable. We need Him like the sheep need a shepherd.