The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Decision

We’re faced with countless decisions every day ranging from what we will eat for lunch to whether or not we should check that text while we’re driving. Some decisions obviously hold more weight than others. Like should you sleep in? Or should you wake up early to pray? Should you stay home to watch that football game on Sunday? Or should you get to Mass?

Every day, in decisions big and small, we have opportunities to choose the Light or choose the darkness. Our decisions can lead us closer to Christ or further away from Him. Choosing Him means refocusing our lives. There are many bad things that lead us away from Him, but there are also many good things (when disordered) that can do the same thing.

In yesterday’s Gospel reading, four of Jesus’ apostles leave work (a good thing), their friends (good things), and even their dad (a good thing) to follow Him. They recognized that God was more important than work, friends, and even family. We are all called to make God number one. This doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning other good things, but it means we have to put them in their proper place. There can only one number one; who or what is yours?