The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Burger

Have you ever gone to a restaurant (lets it’s In-N-Out, since they will be providing the food for XLT on October 22) and ordered food, but then you looked at the ingredients… and you’re like, “No onions. No tomato. Extra spread. Animal style”? Well, maybe not that exact order… but have you ever gone to restaurant and ordered something, but removed or subbed ingredients? I think we’ve all done it. In the case of In-N-Out, that burger was wonderfully and perfectly crafted. There is no reason to change it, but we also do this with our faith.

God has served up a deliciously balanced (theological term: ordered) way of living for us. We love Him, and we love our neighbor, and there are properly-ordered ways of expressing that love (i.e. attending Mass on Sundays, respecting our parents, saving sex for marriage, etc.). This list of beliefs on how we should live our lives to honor God is laid out in Scripture and the Catechism. Yet, people disagree with these teachings all the time.

When it comes to our relationship with God and our faith, we shouldn’t pick and choose the “ingredients” we want. We glorify God by enjoying the “faith burger” the way He intended it to be eaten.