The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Apology

In our family, when someone does something wrong, they have to apologize. We are very careful about not responding with “It’s ok.” If someone does something wrong, it’s not ok, so we say, “I forgive you,” instead. Apologizing can be hard, and offering forgiveness can be even harder. I’ve apologized to people without meaning it, and likewise, I have “forgiven” people, when (in my heart) I really hadn’t.

We are broken. God doesn’t have to apologize because He never does anything wrong. However, He does have to offer forgiveness, but He ALWAYS means it. The problem is on our end. We often fail to be sincere in our apologies to Him. Sometimes, we don’t even seek His forgiveness.

Sin damages our relationship with God. It separates us. The only way to be reconciled is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). We have to approach Him in the Sacrament with a contrite (remorseful) heart. We need to be truly sorry for our sins, and we need to promise to try our hardest never to sin again and to avoid even putting ourselves in a place where we might be tempted to sin. Ask yourselves, are you truly sorry for sins? Have you apologized, and meant it? If so, you’ve been forgiven.