The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Incredibles

With God, we are able to do some incredible things. We know this… but I’m not entirely sure we BELIEVE it. Our saints, those who have lived in union with God, are basically like a holy version of the X-Men. They’ve defeated demons. They’ve healed the sick. They’ve bi-located. They’ve even brought the dead back to life. When I say that we can do some pretty incredible things with God, I mean it!

This Sunday, we heard about Peter walking on the water. That’s pretty incredible (if you don’t think so, go try it). He was able to do this as long as he trusted God. The second he doubted, he began to sink. More importantly than him sinking though, is the fact that he actually walked on water. He did something incredible because he trusted Jesus (even if only for a moment).

To trust is to have the theological virtue of hope. Faith is belief in God, but hope is to trust in His plan. Jesus has called each of us out onto the water. He has called us to trust Him. If we do, we can do incredible things. If we don’t, we’ll sink. Luckily for us, if we sink, He’s there to catch us.