The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Surrender

There’s this button on Google’s home page that says, “I’m feeling lucky.” If you search for something and hit that instead of the actual search button, Google takes you to a site of their choosing based on your search (probably a good idea to be careful with this feature if you decide to play around). Back in the day (like five years ago), you could type in “French military victories,” and it would take you to a page that looked like a Google results page that said, “No results found. Did you mean French military defeats?” It was funny because of the perception that the French lost a lot of wars and did a lot of surrendering.

Here in ‘merica, we’re not about that surrender life. Yet, as we reflect on our Gospel from yesterday, and the independence from Britain that we celebrate tomorrow, we can’t forget where our allegiance should lie. The red, white, and blue are awesome, but we first must pledge our allegiance to God. We need surrender to Him and to His plans. There is grace in this surrender. It is us saying, “God, You are in control of our life.” Let’s never forget that our King comes first.