The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Distractions

In second grade, my classroom windows faced the parking lot. We had this school carnival every year, and as soon as the trucks with all the rides started rolling in, my teacher lost me (we didn’t find out I had ADD until much later). She said I spent the entire week staring out the window.

Second grade me is a lot like Mass me. I step into church with the best intentions, and by the second reading (if I’m lucky), I’m staring out the window or looking around the church. I’ve learned how to refocus myself, but I never fail to get distracted.

As Catholics, we have a pretty bad reputation for our knowledge of the Bible… yet, we read from it at every single Mass. Most of us are either distracted, ill-prepared, or only listening for that “what does this have to do with me?” moment (which is why many people base the quality of a Mass on the homily). Rather than take God’s Word to heart, our minds are elsewhere.

This Sunday, don’t be distracted. Instead, actually listen to God’s Word. Prepare by looking over the readings before. Don’t just hear the readings, but actively listen. Let God speak to you.