The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Believers

Have you ever watched “The Santa Clause”? Essentially, all of the adults in the movie stop believing in Santa—not because he doesn’t exist but because they start overthinking things and get upset because he didn’t give them something they wanted. If we were to poll atheists, I bet most of them became atheists for the same reasons—at some point, God either didn’t answer their prayers the way the wanted Him to, or they started overthinking things.

Jesus tells us in the Gospel that there are things hidden to the “wise and learned” but that have been revealed to children. Children just believe on faith. They don’t have to see things to KNOW that they are true. We say that we believe in God, but we question Him. We place conditions on our belief and our love for Him. We even bargain and say that we’ll believe if He just answers this prayer. Or we believe, but not in THAT teaching.

Coming to God like a child means loving and believing in Him for who He is. We don’t need all of the answers. We don’t need Him to perform a miracle. We just need Him to be who He is—God, not Santa. That should be enough.