The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Secret

When we were kids, it was well known in my family that NO ONE could trust my brother with a secret. If we were planning a surprise party for someone, it would also have to be a surprise for him because once he knew, he couldn’t keep it in. He would just get so excited that he would just blurt it out!

When we’re excited about something, our natural inclination is to just tell everyone. “Hey, have you seen ‘Wonder Woman’ yet? No? What?! Well.. you need to!” “Did you hear that Twenty-One Pilots has a concert coming up? You better get tickets!” Yet, the one thing that should make us the most excited—our faith—we typically hide from the world and keep secret. Maybe we’re afraid of what our friends might think and being judged.

Our faith and relationship with God should be more evident to those around us than what movie or band we like at the moment. We walk around in concert tees at school and only throw on “Jesus” shirts on Sundays. Our faith shouldn’t be lived and proclaimed only one day each week. It shouldn’t be a secret. We’re supposed to live it and proclaim it EVERY day!