The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Wolves

In case you didn’t know, sheep are really dumb animals—like REALLY dumb—and it’s the shepherd’s job to keep them safe by keeping them together and fending off animals that might try to eat them (i.e. wolves). When sheep wander off, that’s when they risk getting eaten. The smartest sheep know the shepherd’s voice and stay close.

Sometimes, we are like those dumb sheep that wander off. We know the Shepherd’s voice, yet we listen to everything and everyone else around us. We stop listening to the Creator in favor of the created. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, oversees and protects His flock, but we become susceptible to temptation and sin when we don’t seek out His voice. The wolves are beckoning just beyond the fences.

The “wolves” are anything or anyone that don’t have our best in mind. They are “friends” who try to pressure you into doing things you shouldn’t be doing. They are boyfriends or girlfriends pushing you to go further than you know you should. They are apps and websites that lead us to sinful behaviors. The closer you are to the Shepherd, the more protection you have… both from Him and the likeminded sheep around you. Stay close. Stay safe.