The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Absence

Think for a moment about the worst time or experience of your life. When you were in the middle of it, were you still able to see God working? Were you able to recognize the miracles that He was performing? Or did it feel like He was absent in the situation? It’s pretty easy for people to think God is absent in times like these… or even worse, that He caused it or somehow just didn’t care about you.

On Sunday, we celebrated the Ascension of Our Lord (Jesus leaving earth in His incarnate form). Yet, even though He left, He did not abandon us. He gave us a mission, and He left us the Holy Spirit and His Body and Blood in the Eucharist. It seemed like our God had left, but in reality He had strengthened us!

When we feel like He has abandoned us in moments of suffering, we have to understand that He is just as present as always, and He alone is our strength. Bad things happen because sin entered this world with Adam and Eve—not because of God. The presence of bad does not mean the absence of good. The disciples were not left alone and neither are we. Not now. Not ever.