The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Encounter

There’s a big difference between knowing about someone and knowing someone. I know a lot about Pope Francis, but I don’t know him. To know him, we would have had to have met—had an encounter. I do know my wife though. I know a lot of stuff about her, but I also KNOW her. To truly know someone, you need to have a relationship with them. So do you know ABOUT God? Or do you KNOW Him?

In yesterday’s Gospel, two disciples encountered Christ. As a result, they said that their hearts were burning inside of them while they spoke with Him. How is your relationship with Jesus? Do you know some stuff about Him? Or is your relationship at the stage where, when you are with Him (at Mass or in prayer) your heart burns inside of you?

A heart burning inside of you sounds a lot like love. Jesus is love, and He loves YOU. Do you love Him too? How often do you spend time with Him? Are you going to Mass weekly? Do you sit with Him in prayer? Do you sit in His presence in adoration? Seek out those moments of encounter, fall in love, and get to know your God.