The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Wait

I hate waiting for things. I used to work at Disneyland, and I got used to not even having to wait in lines there (if you play your cards right, you learn how to avoid them). Now, I really hate waiting. This makes things like driving during rush hour and regular delivery (as opposed to Prime) very tedious to me.

Since my wife and I got married, we’ve been excited to have kids together. In 2016, we got pregnant twice and lost both babies at 20 weeks. Beyond the obvious pain of losing a child, pregnancy in general is struggle for me because it’s 9-month wait. It’s even more difficult when you’ve waited a combined nine months and have left the hospital empty-handed twice with the expectation of what is to come going unrealized.

However, I’ve learned that sometimes, we have to wait. God doesn’t operate on our time. In fact, He exists outside of space and time. 2016 was a struggle, and I am (im)patiently hoping and waiting for a baby in 2017. Sometimes, just like Lazarus in yesterday’s Gospel, we need to wait for God’s perfect plan to come to fruition. When we do though, it’s definitely worth the wait.