The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Revelation

Ever feel like it’s hard to see Jesus in the world around us? I’m not talking about in bad situations because that’s obvious. I am just talking about in ever day life. We go to school and work, and it’s just not always east to see Him in our homework assignments or business. Like, where is Jesus in our chores like doing laundry or washing the dishes?

Even though your faith may be strong, it may still be difficult to see Jesus working in the world around you. This doesn’t mean He isn’t, it typically means we’re just too distracted to notice. We can’t see Him because we’re focused on doing. The more we do, the harder it is to see Him. Next thing you know, you start doubting that He is even present in these things. Before you know it, you’re relationship with Him has been damaged.

We have responsibilities. School, work, chores, etc. are all important and need to get done; however, we can’t let them distract us from our relationship with God. We need to take time to stop doing and just be with Him. Jesus is always revealing Himself to us; we’re usually just too busy to notice.