The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Shouts

On Palm Sunday, we’re the ones that shout, “Let Him be crucified!” and we're the ones who chose Barabbas. It’s such a powerful Gospel, and it’s made even more powerful by our participation. We don’t only say this on Palm Sunday though. Whenever we sin, we shout, “Let Him be crucified.” And whenever we don’t make God and our relationship with Him our top priority, we choose Barabbas.

The punishment for sin is death, but Jesus died to save us from this punishment. His death opened up eternal life (in Heaven) for us. So without our sinfulness, His crucifixion wouldn’t have been necessary. The result of our sin is His death, which is why we shout, “Let Him be crucified.”

Despite His sacrifice, we don’t always make Mass a priority. We make Mass work around our schedule or eliminate it when “we don’t have time.” “Barabbas” translates to “Son of God,” and we have a choice: the Son of God or the “Son of God.” How often do we choose poorly?

This Holy Week, as we reflect on Christ’s crucifixion, let’s remember why He died and for whom. Because despite constantly shouting “Barabbas” and “Let Him be crucified,” He would do it all over again just for you.