The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Thirst

Have you ever butt-dialed someone? When you see on your phone that there’s an active conversation, you probably asked, “Hey, did you call me?” That’s kind of like prayer. We’re a little confused on who made the call (even if you don't know it). It can feel like we are the ones who wanted to speak with God and picked up that good ol’ God phone, but that’s not actually how it works.

Prayer is ALWAYS a response to God. We desire to pray because He desires to speak with us; much like in this Sunday’s Gospel. The Samaritan woman thought she was thirsty. Jesus offered her water that would make it so that she would never thirst again, and she was totally interested in that. However, it was Jesus who was thirsting. He was thirsting for her—for her salvation—just like He is thirsting for us and our salvation. You think YOU’RE thirsty? He’s way thirstier.