The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Light

In the Catholic Church, we stand for the human dignity of every single person from the moment of conception until natural death because we firmly believe that everyone has been created from love for love in the image of God. Part of being created in His image means we must also share the light of Christ. Christ was the light that shined brightly into the darkness, but we must continue to carry this torch even as His light still brightly shines.

Amidst darkness, even the smallest light stands out. Sin, hurt, and brokenness add to the darkness, but Christ can overcome it. We received our marching orders at our baptism, and we have to continue to let our light shine brightly to their world. If the darkness is taking over in our life, we have to fan the flame by running to the Sacraments. We are a part of the Body of Christ, and we have a job to do.