The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Enemy

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone leaving the Catholic Church because it was “too easy.” Being Catholic, especially in this current culture, is actually quite difficult. Jesus’ teachings get easier the more we fall in love with Him, but they are never “easy.” This is especially evident in Sunday’s Gospel.

We heard that we must not only love our neighbors, but our enemies as well. Enemies aren’t just people we feel indifferent about. They aren’t people who simply annoy us. Enemies are people who are directly opposed to us—like Batman and the Joker, Spider Man and the Green Goblin, or Jedi and Sith. Jesus doesn’t say to tolerate or just be nice to our enemies. He says to LOVE them.

This is especially sound advice given how divisive the country is politically at the moment. Love requires sacrifice. It means we must be focused on the other’s well-being. Is that how you’ve been treating the opposition?