The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Preparations

When you get married, preparing for Christmas is a little different. You both bring your own traditions and preferences and have to find some middle ground. White lights or colored lights? Real tree or fake tree? Homemade ornaments or the store-bought kind? This doesn’t even address the typically bigger questions of “Whose family’s house will host Christmas?” “Do we celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?” “What time are we going to Mass?” It’s a lot to think about, but preparing is very important. In fact, during Advent, that is the MOST important.

It’s not actually those preparations that are important though. You should spend far more time analyzing your heart than your home. You should be focused on the light of Christ, not the ones on your tree. The way you do that is by praying and encountering Christ in the Sacraments. You won’t find Him in the mall or under the tree. In fact, you will find Him in some of the unlikeliest places—such as in a manger in that stable that first Christmas night.

The season of Advent precedes Christmas. It requires us to prepare ourselves, so if it’s been awhile, prepare yourself by going to Confession.
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