The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Relationship

Christianity isn’t about living the right way. It’s about a person. Jesus. It is not our actions that will get us to Heaven; it’s our relationship with Him that will. However, as Catholics, we believe that the way we live our lives must be a reflection of our relationship with Jesus. There is not a moment where we have been “saved” as our Protestant brothers and sisters might say; rather, we must continually say “yes” to Christ and that “yes” must be reflected in the way that we live.

There are plenty of so-called “Catholics” and “Christians” who follow all of the rules. They spend their hour in church every Sunday, give up something for Lent, send their kids to (or attend) religious education, etc., but they do not have a relationship with Jesus. Following the rules isn’t what brings us to Christ. We haven’t been commanded to follow a set of rules. We have been commanded to love God and love our neighbor. When we truly love God and our neighbor, it looks a lot like following the rules because we still show up to Mass, give things up for Lent, etc., but we do it out love for God… not because we “have” to.