The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Reroute

If you drive using GPS and make a wrong turn, GPS reroutes. It finds a new course for you. Our ultimate goal is Heaven. Hopefully, in your spiritual GPS, that is set as the final destination. Sometimes, we make a wrong turn and the GPS needs to reroute, and sometimes it just finds a better route for us to take.

In the Gospel on Sunday, the Magi got rerouted the moment they encountered Christ. The same should be true for us. When we encounter Christ and have that epiphany moment (like a light bulb over our heads in a cartoon), everything should change. Every Sunday, we encounter Christ in the Eucharist. The Sacraments, but most importantly the Eucharist, are encounters with our God. What impact has that had on you? 

We have countless opportunities to change our course, and we don’t even need to wait to encounter Christ in the Sacraments. You can change your course right now if needed.