The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Miraculous

If I asked you if you believed in God, most of you would probably say, “yes.” But how many of you would say you believe in Him 100% without any doubt in your mind? Many of you might say your belief is closer to 99%. There’s some doubt and skepticism. And if I asked you what could convince you beyond ANY doubt of His existence, my guess is that you’d say, “a miracle.” We want to see God do something miraculous (i.e. bring someone back from the dead), but we ignore the miraculous of the every day.

Every day that we wake up, that our parents and siblings wake up, is a miracle. We’re alive. We are walking, breathing, talking, creatures created in the very image of God. The world around us. These are miracles that simply get overlooked. If we’re unable to see God moving in the seemingly meaningless, no sign could convince us 100% of His glorious existence.