The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Excess

When adults invite people over to their house for dinner, it’s pretty customary to actually… you know… provide dinner. You say there will be food, and people show up because free food inherently tastes better. Well, Jesus invited 12 guys to a dinner party of sorts (not really, evangelizing is hard work), and told them to leave everything behind.

So these guys are leaving their families and their lives behind to follow Jesus and expecting to be “fed,” THEN He tells them not to bring anything along and says they will be dependent on the hospitality of others. Essentially, “Hey guys, come follow me… but don’t bring anything, and I won’t be the one providing you with anything either.”

This is a huge challenge. We’re so concerned with stuff. I am so concerned with stuff. Jesus tells us to leave it all behind and rely on Him. That’s tough. But, He never fails to come through for them… nor us.