The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Dessert

Remember as a kid when you wanted dessert? Your parents probably said you had to eat all of your food… even the vegetables. Yuck! Following Christ isn’t easy. If you think that, you haven’t been listening at Mass (or reading your Bible), but it’s about the dessert. Heaven. Permanently being in the presence of God. You can’t start with dessert, and you can’t have it without eating everything else first. That’s Catholicism.

The stuff that’s best for us isn’t always the most enjoyable at the time, especially when we don’t understand why we need it. But it becomes enjoyable once we realize the benefits. The teachings of the Church can be difficult at times—especially given our current culture. But we want that dessert. Anything that gets you to it is worth it because that dessert is SO good. As you get older, everything that leads up to it becomes enjoyable too. So eat your veggies… and like it!