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The Best

Special Friday blog (aka I was at a conference and didn’t post on Monday like usual)! So instead of looking at Sunday’s Gospel, let’s talk about yesterday’s and today’s. Yesterday’s was all about bringing people out of sin. Today’s was about cutting out our own sin.

Sin and hell are very real. People are always quick to point out the tiny verse (amidst a very important chapter) that says, “Don’t judge.” Ok. Don’t judge people. BUT! If you love someone, you should want the best for them. God called us to love our neighbor and our enemy (and everyone in between).

True love is to want the BEST for them. Not happiness. Not “just ok.” THE BEST! The best is Jesus. Heaven. We shouldn’t be judging anyone, but we can say, “Hey, cut that out!” (Matthew 5:29) Work to eliminate sin from your own life, and there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from helping others cut it out too.