The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Inspiration

God literally breathed the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles in the upper room. They received it by breathing it in. The Latin root of the word “inspire” means to “breathe life into.” God breathed life into Adam when he was created. He breathes life into us during our baptisms. The Holy Trinity has inspired us. This should change us.

When we think of great art, the artists were inspired by something (like Taylor Swift with all of her ex-boyfriends). It gave them a drive to create. It motivated them. Whether it was the beauty of creation or the loss of a boyfriend, it motivated them to do something.

God is THE Creator. He has LITERALLY inspired us. Has this motivated us to do anything in His name? Has this motivated us to create art with our lives for Him? The disciples were changed as the Holy Spirit descended upon them. We can (and should) too.