The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Crucifixion

On Palm Sunday, we are treated to the duality of our human nature. We are capable of great spiritual celebration and rejoicing, but also incredible evil and sinfulness. Only days apart, Christ was jubilantly and excitedly welcomed into Jerusalem, then violently tortured and crucified. You may be thinking, “Hey! I’ve never done that!” Yet, we all have.

How often do we attend Mass on a Sunday, put on a holy face, and then leave the church, and it all changes? If we are as close to God as we will ever get in this life in the Eucharist, then we leave and sin (separate ourselves from God) throughout the week, then this Sunday’s Gospel readings are a familiar tale.

The burden Christ bore for us was our sin. He endured each strike of the whip, every puncture wound from His thorned crown, and all the pain of death by crucifixion to break the chains of sin.