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The Adulterous Woman

This Sunday’s Gospel reading (The Woman Caught in Adultery) has a lot going on with it. First off, it may not actually belong in John’s Gospel. Then there’s the whole thing about not casting judgment or condemning others. And finally, there is Jesus’ merciful way of lovingly calling us out of sin. Like I said… a lot going on.

As a culture, we seem caught up on how Jesus doesn’t judge the woman. Which is true, He doesn’t. This becomes a crutch for the whole “YOLO” mentality. A “You can’t judge me, and I can do whatever I want” kind of thing. However, Jesus doesn’t just prevent her from being stoned to death. He acknowledges her sin, then tells her not to do it anymore. As a culture, we have turned a blind eye to that part. Just because we aren’t being condemned for it, doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want.