The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Afterlife

I saw this place the other day called “Heavenly Donuts.” I thought to myself, “Dang… those better be some good donuts” because to say something is heavenly is a pretty big deal. Want to know something cool, though? We are a heavenly people, and God does think we are a pretty big deal.

We were made in His image for more than just this life and this earth. We were made for heaven, yet we often get preoccupied with earthly things. They can distract us from our true purpose (to get to heaven). This is part of the reason we fast during Lent. Whether you’re fasting from Facebook, chocolate… or donuts, we remove something from our lives in order to focus on Christ. As we continue on in Lent, remember why you are sacrificing and for Whom. It’s like tithing, don’t give from your excess, but give from your “necessity.”