The Youth & Young Adult of St. Monica


The Light in the Darkness

There was no blog post last week. I was out of the office because, for the second time in 2016, my wife and I lost a baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy. I try my best to be transparent with all of you—letting you into my joys, sorrows, and the seemingly mundane—because I believe God is present in all of it. Even with the tragedy I have experienced this year, I still very much believe this.

The Gospel reading this Sunday focused on Joseph. He thought his life was ruined. It appeared that his fiancée had cheated on him. Yet, amidst what seemed like tragedy, God was working a miracle. God was present (more so than He had ever been within Mary’s womb). The world seemed dark and in dire need of a savior, and it was at this point, that glory pierced the night—the light of Christ shined brightly into the darkness.

I won’t lie; sometimes it’s very difficult to see how God is working when times get tough. Tragedy can blind us to His miracles. Yet, He’s there. He's just as present in moments of sorrow as He is in the moments of joy. No matter the darkness that currently surrounds you (whether of your own making or of something out of your control), Christ is the light that can penetrate it. During this Advent and Christmas season, let His light shine, and reflect it to those who need it. -Jason